The H Project is simply a little project of mine I decided to start when I was a little youngster. At the time, I was obsessed with technology and how computers functioned. I was introduced to computers when I was 3 years old, and since then I’ve been spending the majority of my time (not free time, but all my time) on the computer, browsing many websites, playing games, watching videos, the usual.


But then I came across websites such as Ucoz, Weebly, Webs, Wix, Yolasite, etc. Those websites inspired me to make a website, and so I kept making and maintaining many websites, so and so, until I reached the point where I can host websites on my own, and design them by myself.


The H Project, full form The Hamzan’s Project, previously The Hacking Project, was dedicated to black hat related matters and warez. Yes, warez. I was moved by how people were sharing all these wonderful applications on forums and freely distribute. I wanted to be one of the distributors, for some reason it gave me this sense, this passion, and I did unfortunately perform such actions, uploading everything I can on Megaupload, rapidshare(rip), mediafire, hotfile(rip), and some others that I do not remember. However several times I’ve lost many websites, containing so much data, but little traffic.


I was only a child back then, I didn’t understand copyright. Ironically, I used copyright protection on content that was not mine.


The H Project was meant to be something bigger, and I wanted it to be so. But as I grew older, I’ve lost interest in warez and hacking. I’ve tried so hard, but I didn’t have the resources required. And now, once again, I have very little traffic, but at least the data is still there, not only for me to access, but also for others to access as well.


This is all a bad summary of how The H Project came to be. Maybe someday it will be great, something bigger– maybe.


But it’s always helped me stop feeling lonely. Sharing is caring. Without warez, I would have never known about the wonderful programs roaming about, and I would have never bought them.


Thank you, all illegal distributors, for giving the chance to experience what I couldn’t have due to insufficient money, and for inspiring me to become who I am today with computers, with the knowledge and experience and skillset of a power user.